School meets the business world – theory meets practice

As a family business, Tengelmann has always attached great importance to supporting and encouraging young people. Individual Group units are already committed to school sponsorship schemes. “It has become clear to us that young people often have little idea of what awaits them in the business world. So we are offering interested students an opportunity early on in their careers to have hands-on experience at a business enterprise.”

“This is something from which both sides stand to benefit,” explains Karl-Erivan W. Haub. The main focus of the partnership between the holding company and the Otto-Pankok-School in Mülheim an der Ruhr is to provide general, commercial and business training experience. In the course of around ten afternoon sessions, management staff from the Group will provide interested students with insight into the various specialist departments that make up a holding company. One of the aims is to create a link between the theory learned at school and practical business dealings. Not only will the experts visit the school, students will also have the chance to visit company headquarters in Mülheim, attend job applicant training sessions and undertake practical internships.