Annual Report 2017

In the last annual report Karl-Erivan W. Haub concluded his prefacewith the words: “The future has to be redesigned very day anew”. A motto becomes a title. 

There is a saying that fortune and sorrow often go hand in hand. Unfortunately, the Tengelmann Group experienced this in the past months. After the brilliant anniversary year 2017, in which the 150-year existence of the company was celebrated, the entrepreneurial family was recently overtaken by two terrible strokes of fate. First, on 6 March 2018, Erivan Haub died at the age of 85. Hardly five weeks later Karl-Erivan W. Haub failed to return from one of the mountaineering excursions on the Matterhorn he loved so much; since 7 April 2018 he is reported as missing. Both – each in their own way – permanently left their mark on the family enterprise.

Christian W. E. Haub, too, carries the so-called Tengelmann-DNA his brother often spoke about: Since the generational handover both worked closely together as co- CEOs and made all important decisions jointly. Now, as the sole managing director, Christian Haub will continue to abide by these principles.

The company’s position is rock solid as a result of the comprehensive transformation process of recent years. That is also apparent from the result of financial year 2017, the anniversary year, which the company concluded with consolidated net revenue of 7.5 billion euros, or an increase of 3.8 percent. The main reasons for this are our strategic business units, each of which has a leading-edge position in its respective sector.

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