Frequently asked questions

There are certain frequently asked questions. To make the application process as pleasant for you as possible, we have compiled the most important questions here and provided some answers.

Is this the career area for Obi or KiK?

No, this is only the career area for Tengelmann Holding and the subsidiaries represented at the site in Mülheim.

Please visit the following websites for further information:

How do I find out which positions are vacant?

You can find vacant positions under the Job Listings tab and they are also published in trade magazines and various job portals (Stepstone, Monster et al.).

Who is the contact person for my application?

The job listing normally indicates the contact person for that position. Under the Contact tab you will find additional contact persons from our Human Resources department

How often are the job listings updated?

We update our job listings on a weekly basis. Filled positions are no longer shown.

When can I expect a response to my application?

You will normally be sent a confirmation of receipt when we receive your application. This is not possible at present, however, as our application management system is currently being optimised. You will receive a response as soon as your application has passed through the Human Resources department and been checked by the responsible area of specialty. This takes time, however. We do try to make the process as quick as possible.

Can I send in my application by post?

Feel free to send us your application by post. The mailing address is included in each job listing.