Application guidelines

The most uncomfortable thing about the application process is the uncertainty connected to it. So we try to give applications quick feedback by making our application process transparent.

The following will give you an example of how the application process works at Tengelmann Holding from the job posting through to the first day of work:

1. Your application materials

To apply to Tengelmann you will need a cover letter, a curriculum vitae and the transcripts, certificates and references relevant to your CV.

The first part of your application we will see is your cover letter. You should make reference to the details of the specific position you are interested in and how they apply to you. We would also like to see a short description of yourself to learn more about you and find out why you have chosen the Tengelmann Group. When you apply to us, your cover letter should answer the following questions:

  • Precisely which occupation am I applying for and what do I expect from it?
  • Why have I chosen the Tengelmann Group?
  • What are my strengths and my areas of development?

Your curriculum vitae should give us an impression of your education (secondary and tertiary school qualifications, certificates) and interests. Make sure you highlight your experience and skills that are most relevant to the position you would like. When you list internships, for example, do not just put down the period and company but also tell us about the areas you worked in and the tasks you worked on. You should include all of the references you have received to provide evidence of your career. Also give a short explanation of any gaps in your CV.

Before you send in your application, check to make sure you meet all of the formal requirements:

  • Check your application for spelling and formatting mistakes.
  • Use standard formats for your application such as .doc or .pdf.
  • Check that you have a clear structure.

We are aiming to make the application process as pleasant for you as possible. Once you have all of the data and documents at hand, it takes about 15 minutes to complete our online application form.

2. Telephone interview, interview in person or assessment centre

If you receive an invitation to come in for an interview or to our assessment centre, this means your documents persuaded us to get to know you better. We would next like to hold an interview in person or per telephone so that we can get an impression of your personality and your skills.

During this interview, we will be most interested in hearing more details about your history, your personal motivation and your goals. Naturally, we will also take that opportunity to present our company, explain how you will fit and answer your questions with pleasure.