Health care and protection

Concrete plans for preventive health care are extremely important, particularly in view of demographic changes. Consequently, the Tengelmann Group promotes preventive measures, including not just provisions for health care but also programmes to sensitise employees to health issues.

Good preventive care

Since 2007, staff have had access to preventive medical care, including colon cancer screenings, cardiovascular checks and skin cancer screenings. As winter approaches, they can also get a free flu shot at work. Additionally, employees have the opportunity to donate blood several times at company headquarters, for which they also receive a blood test.

In tip-top shape all around

Various measures are offered at regular intervals under the “health changes” banner, including Pilates and progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobsen, which are designed to help employees stay fit and healthy in the long term. This programme will be expanded with even more attractive offers.

Eating healthily

To inspire employees to eat a healthy and varied diet, the company restaurant regularly has reduced-calorie and nutritionally sound dishes on its menu. Recipes for these dishes are posted on the intranet, so staff can replicate them at home with their families. Moreover, the company restaurant offers a large and appealing salad bar.