Annual Report 2015

"Setting the agenda" - Report on the 149th financial year of the Tengelmann Group

With its modern structure and international outlook, the Tengelmann Group is a multi-sector retailer represented worldwide.  Today, the Tengelmann Group holds 77 holdings which generate revenue of approximately 27 billion euros and employ more than 210,000 staff.

For the Tengelmann Group, 2015 was a year in which light and shadow were in close proximity. Financially it was a very successful year: in almost all areas of the business results outperformed those of the previousyear. Consolidated net revenue of 8.24 billion euros generated by our family company was 4.5 % (adjusted for exchange rate effects) above the previous year.However, this pleasant result was unfortunately overshadowed by the handover process of our Kaiser’s and Tengelmann supermarkets as well as additional subsidiaries to the EDEKA Group, which has been ensuing since October 2014. Learn more:

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