In Germany, OBI is the undisputed market leader in the do-it-yourself sector with its “Best in Class” strategy.

In order also to reinforce its market leadership in the digital arena, OBI developed suitable innovative cross-channel solutions for the challenges and opportunities in this segment at an early stage. Customers can view over 65,000 items from the comfort of their home and check their availability at their preferred OBI store or order them immediately online. In order to further strengthen this close link between analog and digital retail, OBI will gradually expand its online range beyond the range in its brick-and-mortar stores.

As of the end of the 2013 financial year, the 403 OBI stores (without OBI franchise partner stores) generated net sales of 4.3 billion euros with 32,032 employees. This corresponds to a growth of 9.8 percent (adjusted for currency effects). Another 175 stores are being operated by franchise partners throughout Europe.

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OBI Bau- und Heimwerkermärkte Systemzentrale GmbH 

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